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Under the benign patronage of His Majesty and His government, a pivotal role is being played by the Indian community in the development of modern Oman and that will surely give them inspiration to continue in the same spirit in the future.

We are all working here in several career fields in various walks of life and proudly call ourselves Karnataka residents living in this beautiful country. Despite enjoying comfortable life and employment, we all miss the love and affection of our kith and kin, whom we have left back home. Here in Muscat, the Karnataka Wing of Indian Social Club aspires to bring the feeling of a unique oneness, striving to

give the community a warmth and confidence of being in “Home away Home”.

The Karnataka Wing, a socio-cultural organization, was revived and re-established in the year 2002, as a linguistic wing under the umbrella of Indian Social Club, Muscat, with our Wing’s motto “Elladaru Iru Entadaru Iru, Endendu Nee Kannadavaagiru”.

The name, Karnataka Wing, was chosen instead of Kannada Wing to bring together and represent all prominent linguistic groups of Karnataka in Muscat, i.e. Kannada, Tulu, Konkani, Coorgi and Beary , as well as residents who have opted to reside and be part of Karnataka under one roof. We thank the Indian Social Club for providing patronage to our Wing and for constantly providing support to showcase the heritage of Karnataka culture.

The strength of this organization is not only in the number of members - presently more than 250 members - but also in the efforts being made in achieving the goals of social and cultural development among the people of Karnataka residing in Muscat.

ISC Karnataka Wing has come of age and proved its worth now as one of the leading socio-cultural organizations in Muscat, organizing various unique programmes with the essential touch of Indian/Karnataka heritage, be it in art, literature or other cultural fields.

During the past 8 years, ISC KW has presented various top class in-house entertainment programmes and also has staged several mega cultural extravaganzas by inviting renowned artists from Karnataka.

Members and their children are always encouraged to exhibit their talent in various fields such as dance, music, painting, literary, acting etc. Moreover, the presentation of cultural programmes, combining the budding as well as established artists, forms part of the core activities.

Film shows, quiz competitions, sports & painting competitiions and felicitations of great artists in these fields are also organized. In order to encourage the Members’ children to strive hard in their educational fields, the top scoring children are annually honoured with Academic Excellence Awards.

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